Did you know that chanting might reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases of the brain !?! YES!⠀
Alzheimer’s is a disease where clumps of misfolded protein fragments called amyloid-beta produce plaque around the connecting point between the neurons in the brain.⠀⠀
Recently scientists at MIT, USA have discovered that exposing mice to 40 hertz light signals and sound waves remove these plaques from their brain. ⠀
When the brain is under deep meditation or concentration, gamma waves are produced. These waves range anywhere from 25-100 hertz but have an average frequency of 40 hertz. A large number of studies on meditating yogis’ brains have revealed that these waves are produced under deep meditation and concentration. On the other hand, deep sleep only produces delta and alpha waves that vary from 4-12 hertz.⠀
This is AMAZING news. And a great reason to explore chanting (or even singing) if you don’t already implement it into your daily well-being practice.⠀
Here is a simple chant you can try