Through counselling, hypnotherapy, and connection with Kathryn, the individuals featured in these stories have overcome significant challenges and now experience freedom, peace, confidence, and success. You can, too.

I know what it feels like to be riddled with fear.

At 30 years old, I had failed to do what most of my peers had done nearly 15 years ahead of me; drive. A simple life skill, one many do effortlessly, felt unachievable for me. Against all logic and reason, it was the one thing that could elicit such a strong physical reaction in me: a pounding heartbeat, sweaty palms, nausea. Moreover, my mind, which had served me well in academics at university and in quickly growing my career in leadership, would fail me when put behind the wheel.

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It wasn’t for lack of trying. I had obtained my Learner’s Permit 3 times, each time with the mindset that I could do this.  I remember my Uncle patiently attempting to teach his adult niece in a deserted parking lot of a local airport. Slowly, slowly I would go, giggling nervously and thanking him profusely while praying for the lesson to end. After a few sessions, like all the times before, I gave up and my permit would eventually expire.

I remember another time when I confidently stated that I would drive the few blocks from my parents’ house to our house so that my husband could enjoy a couple of beers. When it came time to leave, my mind raced and then went blank. I literally could not remember which pedal was for the brake and which was for the gas, refusing to believe my husband who was far from intoxicated after only a couple of drinks spread over a 4-hour dinner party.  Eventually, in tears,  I had one of my parents’ neighbours drive us home in our car while another neighbour followed in theirs.  

I suspected I knew where this fear had come from – being involved in a couple of accidents in childhood and in my teens; a mother who was never quite comfortable behind the wheel;  experiencing the loss of a friend in high school due to a car crash – but despite knowing, I could never seem to change my own experience. 

But then, just before my 30th birthday, I became a mother. I also had some lofty career goals that were certainly impacted by my fear of driving.  So, I decided to give driving another chance. 

This time, with the help of Kathryn.

Through hypnosis, Kathryn was able to tap into my subconscious and address the root of my fears; an incident so far in the past and so deeply buried that my conscious self wasn’t even aware of its existence. 

Kathryn’s calming, empathetic, and caring approach allowed me to surrender to the process, and only then was I able to release what was holding me back.  

Fast forward 6 years. I am been driving safely and confidently since the day following my hypnosis session. I have surpassed my career goals and am able to shuttle my two children to and from school, activities, and playdates. I sometimes even drive for fun, enjoying the freedom that my long-ago fear prevented me from experiencing. 

I have nothing but gratitude for Kathryn’s huge role in my transformation. I can share wholeheartedly that working with Kathryn has changed my life and encourage anyone struggling with fears or negative patterns to work with her. 

I was struggling with a smoking addiction and thankfully brought it up with Kathryn. I couldn’t even imagine hypnosis having the effect it did; Day to day it feels as if my brain naturally holds my core values over anything else that arises. I am so thankful for this journey!

I never properly understood the effects of my upbringing and how it weighed on me up to this day. Kathryn was so delicate in helping me understand my relationship with my thoughts as well as giving me the confidence to approach life in a whole new way. No longer do my thoughts control how I live and I now am able to have a stronger relationship with my family than ever!

I have spent a large portion of my adult life to understand my core motivations and how those motivations manifest themselves in my life. Parts therapy is one of the most direct methods I have found. Parts therapy was new to me, Kathryn’s clear and detailed explanation of what I would experience built a sense of trust and confidence.

My belief in her abilities opened me to the experience without fear or judgement and allowed the parts of me that needed to be heard the room to speak their truth. The session was unique in my experience of therapy and spiritual work. I was both a part of what was being said and yet asked to be the silent observer. By asking my conscious mind to actively listen rather than dictate the direction of the conversation I reached new levels of understanding about myself and my motivations. It was an enlightening experience that has brought a new sense of calm to my life. I heartily recommend Parts Therapy with Kathryn for anyone working towards a better understanding of themselves.

It is a true blessing to have met Kathryn. Her down to earth attitude combined with a heart felt expression has given me the strength to face my fears. She taught me we really do have a choice and now this is something that I apply to every aspect of my life. Thank you again.

Kathryn brings calm and wisdom to any relationship. When in her presence, Kathryn is able to intuitively read people and understand what they need in any given moment. Kathryn is genuinely caring, empathetic, and understanding. She has a gift for guiding others in a highly skilled and non-invasive manner. Her serene and solid persona make her an ideal, safe place for others to be courageous around.

Kathryn’s Mindful Mommas class has been the biggest support for me as a mom, friend, wife and woman. I have never felt so supported and free to share my biggest challenges and struggles within a safe and caring circle of fellow moms. Kathryn’s compassionate ways have challenged me to grow in too many ways to count. I have learned to be vulnerable and brave and to listen to what life’s growing pains are teaching me, all within this incredible class. I am so grateful to Kathryn for creating a space where I feel seen, nurtured and empowered.