Person Centered therapy is an approach that empowers the client to come up with their own answer in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental way…in essence, being your own oracle.
How often do we look to another for answers or guidance? (And how often do we kick ourselves, for making a decision based on someone’s else’s opinion?) This way of decision making doesn’t work, because it gives someone or something else power over your life, it leaves us victim to circumstance, keeps us in our HEADS and takes away trust in ourselves. ⠀
The truth is we have all the answers which we seek. If we can still our minds for even a few moments, we find that the answers DO come. With loving guidance from our HEART, we can tune into our own inner compass, and let that lead the way. Letting yourself be your guide is empowering and cultivates a deep trust and love within. ⠀
My approach is to help you slow down and go within., tune into to the rhythm of your heart, and meet your inner oracle.
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