Individuals, Couples & Families Counselling

People seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Through questions and dialogue, we work together to explore whatever challenges you might be experiencing. My therapeutic approach is a combination of transpersonal, client centered, and family systems theory:

Transpersonal therapy is a holistic approach concerned with the body, the mind and the spirit. It views life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development.

 Client centered therapy is focused on the client and their own desire to change.  I will support you as you begin to trust yourself in your own process.

Family systems theory is based on who you became and the roles you took on in the family you grew up in.

Kathryn brings calm and wisdom to any relationship. When in her presence, Kathryn is able to intuitively read people and understand what they need in any given moment. Kathryn is genuinely caring, empathetic, and understanding. She has a gift for guiding others in a highly skilled and non-invasive manner. Her serene and solid persona make her an ideal, safe place for others to be courageous around.

What to


During our sessions, I will ask you questions about your family history to look at how it may relate to your current situation.  Whatever you bring to your session is welcomed.  I will help you to look at the wider scope of the situation.  We will look at your beliefs and the patterns they’ve created.  Together, we will explore new options.​

During the process of therapy, you may have strong emotions or even resistance come up, sometimes, you may feel a little worse, before you begin to feel better.  This is normal as we begin to break down old beliefs and barriers.  Real, lasting change requires courage and persistence.  That being said, you are the primary decision-maker in the direction your therapy takes.  You have the right to be made aware of any and all risks and benefits of any counseling intervention. And you have the right to say yes or no to any exercises that I offer as well as the right to receive referrals to other resources as needed